Wi-Fi and Wired Home Networking

Do you have a weak Wi-Fi signal at home or you simply need your Smart TV configured? Computerman can help.
Wi-Fi and Wired Network

Home Networking


Home networking may not be as simple as it sounds. Most people already have a home network which they don’t even use. That network is provided by the router supplied initially by your internet service provider. This can unlock many possibilities such as

- Small business network in your home.
- Stream media on all your devices.
- Wireless printing.
- Share folders with family members.
- Backup your files.
- Setup your Smart TV or TV Box.
- many more

The main question is: What would you like to do with your home network?

Whatever you want to achieve with your home network Computerman can help.

Simply call 01622 677 677

Is your Wi-Fi network at home unreliable? Don’t worry Computerman can help.

Wireless Networking

  • Does your Wi-Fi signal drop or is very weak?
  • Do you have low signal in your garden?
  • Are you worried that your Wi-Fi network may be insecure?
  • Do you have areas in your property where you would like to extend your Wi-Fi signal to?
  • Do you have devices (TV, Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Book Reader etc) you’d like connected?

With a simple call to Computerman on 01622 677677 you can ensure the smooth operation of your Wi-Fi network. We will arrange a convenient time with you and book a visit to your property – quite often the same day.  On the day we will be able to answer all your Wi-Fi related questions, troubleshoot problems and make sure your network is configured correctly.

We can supply and install additional equipment such as:

  • Wireless Range Extender
  • Access Point
  • Power Line Range Extender/Repeater
  • Signal Booster Antenna

Wired Networking

Generally wired networks are much more reliable, secure and faster compared to wireless with the only inconvenience of wires.

At Computerman we support all aspects of wired networking from simple cabling to complex wired infrastructure.

Simply call us whatever your home wired or wireless enquiry may be and we’ll be more than happy to help: 01622 677677