Email Setup and Support

Are you looking to setup your emails on your Computer, Tablet or Phone? Would you like to open a new email account? Computerman can help.
Email Setup and Support

Email and Mailbox


Emails are part of day to day life and almost fully replaced conventional letters. At home people use email to stay in touch with relatives and friends, general communication, online shopping, but most importantly they get utility bills and bank statements via email.

- I cannot send or receive emails
- The emails I send bounce back
- Need help setting up software such as: Outlook, Windows Mail, Office 365
- Need help setting up my emails on my phone or tablet
- When I delete an email from my phone it doesn’t delete from my computer

Simply call 01622 677 677

If you have a problem or a question regarding your email and mailbox. Please do not hesitate to contact us - we'll be happy to help.

Email Problems?

Over the years we’ve dealt with almost every public email server such as Gmail, Yahoo, BT, Hotmail,, Virgin and so on. Having the experience and the knowledge helps us to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot issues with your email and successfully resolve them.

We understand how important it is to have undisrupted email service. In most cases we are able to rectify your issue the same day – simply call us on 01622 677677.

At Computerman we can:

- Setup new email address or configure and help with existing ones
- Configure your POP, IMAP, SMTP or EXCHANGE Server
- Setup email synchronisation between different devices