New PC or Mac Setup

Just got your new Laptop, Desktop or Mac Computer and need help setting it up? Don’t worry Computerman is here to help.
New Mac or PC Installation

New PC / Mac Setup


Setting up a new computer is never as straight forward as unbox it and plug it in – it’s not a toaster. Every PC or Apple Mac will need a bit of tweaking to ensure you get the most out of it and it’s safe to go online.

At Computerman we provide friendly, comprehensive setup service. We will come to your home and guide you through the whole setup process – from unboxing to setting your email, printer, security and backup.



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Just got your new Laptop, Desktop or Mac Computer and need help setting it up?

Data Transfer

At Computerman we specialise in data transfer from one system to another. We will transfer your data and customise it so your transition from the old computer to the new one is as streamline as possible. Many companies will just dump a folder of your data on the desktop – we don’t do that – we will ensure your data is located where it belongs.

The Setup

With your new Windows computer, you’re likely to get a whole load of software some of which you’ll never use. We’ll carefully go through it all and remove the unnecessary programs which can clog up and slow your PC down. However, if you bought yourself an Apple iMac or MacBook we can skip that they don’t come with such unwanted stuff.

We can setup:

- New Desktop Computer
- New Laptop Computer
- Apple Mac or MacBook
- Tablets, Book readers and Phones

We will:

- setup and configure the system to your preference
- ensure it’s safe and secure to use online
- transfer your data from an old machine
- remove unwanted programs
- is antivirus and firewall enabled
- peripherals function correctly (printer, scanner, copier, webcam, etc)
- is email ready
- install additional software
- configure a backup

After all of the above is done we would be happy to answer any questions and do a quick one to one tutorial for all the basic operations.

If you have an old computer and other obsolete equipment we can dispose of them. Most importantly we will wipe all of the data in a specific way, ensuring none of the original information can be retrieved or recovered whatever happens to your old system.

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