Laptop / Notebook Cleaning Service

Does your laptop overheat? Does the fan produce whirring noise struggling to cool down your system? Computerman can help.
Overheating laptop / notebook clean

Laptop or notebook cleaning Service

53979046 - closeup photo of a dusty dirty fan inside laptopIf your laptop is overheating or you can hear the fan spinning faster and faster it quite possible needs a professional clean up.

After a while your laptop or notebook will inevitably get dirty by sucking up dust and fluff which clogs up the air vents and heat ducts preventing your machine from cooling down properly.

Most importantly the dust build-up and the excessive heat can damage other hardware components leading to costly repair bills.

You can trust Computerman to provide a professional thorough cleaning service of your laptop or notebook - this will ensure the normal operation of the machine and prevent further problems caused by the heat.

Simply call 01622 677 677

Your laptop is overheating or you hear the fan working more and more? Not a problem - Computerman can help.

We can repair or replace the fan in your laptop

A overworked fan trying to cool down your laptop can cause reduced performance and can affect your battery life too.

Blowing compressed air into the vents of your laptop or using a hoover is simply not enough. Your machine needs to be stripped down and cleaned properly - not the most user friendly task.

At Computerman we can clean all makes and models of laptops and notebooks fast. We always aim for a 1 business day turnaround reducing the inconvenience of being without your machine.

We can clean all makes and models of laptops or notebooks:

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