Computer or Laptop Not Booting Up

Your PC or laptop turns on but nothing appears on the screen? Computerman can help.
PC Doesn't Boot Up

Computer, Laptop or Mac not booting up


Almost every PC user had at some point that horrible experience when you turn your computer on and you either get a blank screen or your Windows simply doesn’t load.

Older operating systems such as Windows 7 and previous versions are particularly vulnerable, where recent ones (Windows 8 and Windows 10) can recover from this problem automatically. This is a fairly common PC issue with a huge variety of causes some of which are:

- Hardware malfunction
- Driver software
- Hard disk problems
- Memory (RAM) problems
- Virus and malware


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If you get a blank screen or you computer doesn't boot? Don't panic - Computerman can help.

No Obligation Quote

At Computerman we can take care of your non booting computer, laptop or mac by taking the following steps:

  1. Do a complete backup of your data
  2. Carefully and thoroughly scan your hardware
  3. Identify potential software or driver issues
  4. Provide you with a quote
  5. Carry out the repair
  6. Ensure you don’t loose any data and your computer is back in full working order

We literally deal with non-booting systems on a daily basis which builds up our experience and helps us identify the cause of the problem quickly and effectively.

For a complete peace of mind, we operate a strict no fix no fee policy and the initial check of your system is FREE of charge so if you find the cost of the repair uneconomical you don’t have to go ahead.