I get the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) on my computer.

Your PC or laptop get a blue screen with white writing and it doesn't load Windows? Computerman can help.
Computer / Laptop Blue Screen

Computer / Laptop not booting up and in constant loop


The blue screen of death is a fairly common problem with computers or laptops running Microsoft Windows operating system. It usually indicates a fairly serious issue which prevents your computer from loading Windows correctly.

Unfortunately, the issue can be random or if it’s persistent it doesn’t clearly state what exactly the problem is which makes it a rather frustrating experience for the user.

Some of the causes of the blue screen error are:
- Memory (RAM)
- Hard Drive (HDD)
- Incompatible or corrupt driver
- Viruses or malware
- Windows registry
- In some cases, even Windows Updates

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If you get a blank screen or you computer doesn't boot? Don't panic - Computerman can help.

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We understand how frustrating it is when you get the blue screen of death. At Computerman we are able to identify the cause for the blue screen error and repair you computer so it’s back to it’s normal working state.

Before any repair work is undertaken it is imperative to backup your data - a step some computer repair companies completely disregard. Quite often part of the Windows repair process would be a full operating system reinstall which ultimately results in data loss.

At Computerman we will ensure we communicate with you as often as necessary and guide you through the process ensuring the repair of your computer or laptop goes smoothly with no surprises such as data loss or unexpected costs.