My computer, laptop or apple mac doesn’t turn on at all.

Your PC, laptop or mac computer has no power? By pushing the power button nothing happens? Computerman can help.
Computer, laptop or mac has no power

Computer / Laptop not booting up and in constant loop

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It could be a disastrous start of the day if you go on to start your computer or laptop, push the power button and nothing happens –the machine is “dead”. If you’ve checked the correct connection to the power and the fuse in the plug than this is a certain indication that there is a hardware problem.

This hardware problem is that there is no power getting to your device. Depending on the type of system you have – desktop computer or laptop / notebook the cause of the problem can vary.


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If your computer or laptop appears "dead" and has no power - don't panic, Computerman can help.

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When the computer doesn’t even power up most users go in panic mode fearing for their data, and rightly so. Luckily in this case the cause of the problem is very unlikely to be the Hard Drive where all vital data is stored so ultimately there shouldn’t be loss of information.
At Computerman we appreciate the importance of customer’s data and the very first step we take is to ensure it’s safe before we even begin troubleshooting the original problem.

The cause of the no power issue can be one of the below:

Desktop Computers

  • Defective Power Supply
  • Motherboard Fault
  • Physical Button Damaged

In laptop computers

  • All of the above
  • Defective Battery
  • DC Power Jack Fault
  • Laptop Charger