BEWARE – Fake DVLA Email!

Monday, 30 October 2017

Beware everyone of a new crafty email scam going round. We’ve had a few customers report the receipt of an email from DVLA advising that you have an unpaid penalty. Further in the email you’re instructed to click on a link in order to complete a form advising that you’re not liable for the penalty (clever).

BEWARE – clicking on that link you will get infected by the Ransomeware Virus and your documents, pictures and music will be encrypted and ultimately lost (unless you have a backup in place).

We’ve attached a screenshot so you can see what the email looks like (it’s safe to click on the image).

Please let us know if you’ve received similar, so we can post it and protect potential victims.

Another Happy Customer

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Computerman received a great review from MR S M, a DJ from Maidstone after his laptop was hit by a ransomware virus. Steve’s radio station was taken off the air by the virus and asked Computerman for their help. Within 12 hours the virus was removed and his radio station was back on the air once more. Read his review below:

“Jim and his team could not be more helpful and efficient if I ever need pc support they are my 1st choice every time their results speak for themselves proud to do business with such a high quality company
radio is my world and I’m only back on air due to their expertise”

Steve Mason
Caroline album gold

Now that he is back on the air, listen to Steve’s Radio Station here:

Ransomware has become even more common throughout the past two years. It is a demanding virus that is caught through emails, downloaded files or hidden in apps on your phone or PC. The virus then encrypts all major files e.g. Word documents, PDF files and demands you to pay a fee to get them back. Normally the fee is demanded in bitcoins, a virtual currency to make it less traceable. “When I found out that our files had been encrypted with ransomware it was like our business had shutdown, our files had gone and we couldn’t work on anything”- says Glenn Thompson, director of Advance FM.

Computerman reacted when Glenn noticed that his files were beginning to turn into ZEPTO files, the popular format to encrypt the files. Ransomware is becoming increasingly popular as a lot of people are being blackmailed into paying over the ransom in a desperate bid to get their files back.

When Computerman arrived at Advance, half of their files were already encrypted, but we found the computer that was infected with the virus, disconnected it from the network and shut down the server to stop more infection.

Computerman worked from a backup to salvage as many files as possible, luckily the backup was from the day before so no data was lost. “You would never believe the amount of trouble this causes for a business” – says Nigel Bawden, director of T-Mex LTD. “We couldn’t work on our computers until the virus was removed from the server and it is surprising how businesses rely heavily on computers”. “Computerman ensured that all my files were back as quickly as possible with minimal disruption”.

“We had to go through and check every single folder, to make sure there wasn’t a ZEPTO file in sight”, said Harry Simpson, IT Engineer at Computerman. “It was a very long process, but it had to be done to save T-Mex’s files”, he added.

If you ever get caught out in ransomware or find your files have been encrypted call Computerman on 01622 677677 or visit our website

MICROSOFT appears to reinstall a slew of bundled Windows 10 apps alongside its latest update – regardless of whether or not you’ve previously deleted the software.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is quite a hefty upgrade.

It includes a number of new features, including Windows Ink, which lets users screenshot at the touch of a button.

Cortana also gets some new capabilities, and Microsoft has allowed third-party web apps and services to tap into its ‘Windows Hello’ functionality.

However users have criticised that Microsoft is reinstalling a number of its bundled apps – after users had purposely removed them.

It is unclear whether this is an intentional decision to override user’s preferences, or whether it is a glitch in the upgrade process.

Windows 10 users will now have to remove their installed apps again, eliminating any unwanted software in an effort to free-up some additional space.

Windows 10 sends allot of usage data back to Microsoft, from what apps users are accessing to how often they are using them.

Allowing virtual assistant Cortana – who can set reminders, launch web searches, order a taxi, track flight information and more – surges the amount of data sent to Microsoft in a bid to make their services better and more streamlined. But how long are Microsoft going to do this before they lose customers?